Tuesday, 10 February 2009

A good read

Not having much luck on the reading front of late. Books are something I cannot live without, but recently I've found myself ploughing through a swamp of mediocrity.

Fortunately, a readable offering came my way recently when I picked this one up in Waterstones.

An historical novel by a person called Kylie Fitzpatrick filled me with trepidation (well come on - my old moniker was going to be Beatrix Canticle. You wouldn't read an historical novel by someone called Beatrix Canticle, would you? Would you?!), but it was just fine. It's never going to win the Booker prize, but if you want a few hours of pleasant distraction then this will be just the ticket. It's quite gentle, and what I'd term a ladies' murder mystery story, despite having a wee bit of a feminist message. Which is fine, really. After all, those action adventure stories that boys read can get a bit boisterous at times. They're enough to make you drop your cup of Darjeeling. And that would never do.

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The Coffee Lady said...

I'm concerned about "Kylie". Please write to her and get her to change it.