Saturday, 21 February 2009

Oh dear, not another one

Another book review, that is. It's supposed to be walking and crochet but it's turned into reading.

I have an excuse, though. Mr Cat is in the process of doing something new fangled so that any walks I blog about can be highlighted with a pictorial representation of our every footstep. Thus, you can see where we get lost and double back on ourselves, fall into mantraps and end up in lakes. But he hasn't done it yet, so the walks are in a blog queue.

So until they're unleashed, I'm going to recommend The Suspicions of Mr Whicher. I was SCARED of this book. At least for the first couple of chapters, which are very creepy. It's another Victorian murder mystery, only a true one this time. This probably gives the impression that I'm interested in all things Victorian, when the opposite is the case (if it's possible to smash an era of History repeatedly about the head with a cudgel, I would choose the period 1714-1914, with particular cudgelling reserved for the Victorians) but this was the only book which looked remotely readable in the St Pancras International branch of Foyles. I had a long wait ahead, and a Danish pastry to get through. And it's really rather good.

As for crochet, I was in the process of making a character from Wall:E, but someone from Craftster pipped me to the post so I won't be able to start a new project until I've stopped sulking. Eve will have to remain in the craft basked, headless, until I do.

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The Coffee Lady said...

nothing wrong with books.

I am concerned for your headless thing. I do not feel comfortable about headless things in baskets.