Monday, 20 April 2009

Careful now…

There is something immensely endearing about the hazard signs used by Cadw on their ancient monuments. I spend more time delighting in these specimens than in actually examining the monument I’ve allegedly paid good groats to visit. Here are some of my favourites;

Hazard One – The Backward Lunge

wales1 aaaaaaaargh!

Really, I have no idea what this person was thinking. Anyone attempting to scramble on those walls deserves everything they’ve got coming, frankly.

Hazard Two – The Osteopath’s Delight

wales2 Oooooooooh!

People who attempt this kind of manouevre have only themselves to blame. I’ve got no sympathy for this kind of slapdash approach to historical tourism. It lets everyone down.

Hazard Three – The Diving Fool


Hurling yourself backwards into a moat is pure exhibitionism, detracts attention from the monument itself and is the kind of arrant tomfoolery one shouldn't have to witness in a public place. I wouldn’t even bother putting a sign up – it just gives these people the attention they crave.


This week I have been mostly not getting any sleep.


eurolush said...

Limecat, it's people like you who make the world a much funnier place to live in.

PS-Hazard Two reminds me of the Coffee Lady.

Kev The Rev said...

Check this out, the most dangerous footpath in England

The Coffee Lady said...

Why does a bent over person remind Eurolush of me? I don't understand it.

No sleep? Be careful. You don't want to get so tired you miss your footing...

Ghazala Khan said...
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Lynn said...

Coffee Lady, Eurolush just wanted to detract attention from the fact that Hazard One looks just like herself doing one of those excessively perky Irish jigs.

(Hilarious sign interp, Limecat! And I wandered over here because you write the funniest - if succinct - book reviews...)