Monday, 20 July 2009

Craft your head off

Considering this is supposed to be a vaguely crafty blog, there’s scant little evidence of any crafting going on.  So while everyone in blogland appears to have disappeared for the summer (or are in the pub, or possibly prison), I thought I’d delight you all with some truly hideous examples of my “work”.

First up, Small Cat insisted that I made a “thank you” present for his poor, beleaguered teacher.  As if her life isn’t hard enough without receiving THIS abomination, masquerading as some sort of “gift”.  She’ll probably think I’m really angry with her when she gets this tomorrow.

By the way, it’s suppose to be a monkey – I need to tell you this as it won’t be obvious.  It was based on one of these lovely creatures (and yes, I know mine doesn’t have a mouth), but since the designer didn’t make the pattern available, I had to guess.  I should have known. 

b1 I’m going to pretend this isn’t happening

From the front she looks a bit like a deranged tellytubby

b2Monkey hear, monkey see, monkey speechless 

To compound this error, I made SmallCat a Super Mario Mushroom out of scrap yarn.  I have no idea what a Super Mario Mushroom is when it’s at home, but apparantly, it looks like this.

b3Keep that garlic away from me 

If I found this in my risotto, I’d be asking for my money back.

This week, I have been mostly grumbling


Lynn said...

How did you know I was in prison? Dang, that's unsettling.

Anyway, I saw those ears and immediately thought "monkey." I see your point about the teletubby, but in a good way. And the mushroom? Kind of like a wide hedgehog, which is not a bad thing.

You realize I say all of this as I acknowledge that I haven't even one crafting bone in my entire ever-loving body...

Lynn said...

Update: my husband just peeked over my shoulder and deemed the Teletubby Monkey positively adorable. He's gone all gooey over it. Can I get one in time for his July 30 birthday?

Back to prison...

The Coffee Lady said...

Is it a spaceship?

Duyvken said...

Super Mario Mushroom is called Toad here at this house and is pretty popular with J who is 4. I am afraid that I know nothing else about him but I am dreadfully impressed that you can craft one out of wool and a crochet hook!