Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Room with a View

Remember that hideous room, which only convicts and deranged madmen would consider habitable?  Yes, that one.  Well, after years of ignoring it, keeping the door closed on it, never going in there and allowing only the cats to wander in – and even they had reservations and they’re hardly fussy beasts at the best of times – we finally made it look normal.  It was done on the cheap, by two DIY idiots (yours truly and Mr Cat), and a professional who came in to do the flooring (the dad of one of SmallCat’s friends.  Yes, he has trade contacts already.  At his age).

This is like Gok Wan at the end of “How to Look Good Naked”, but here goes….


fear my awesome collection of maps and walking guides

Ok, there are still bits of wood lying around, the guitar only has five strings at the moment and we can’t eat in there yet as WE DO NOT HAVE A DINING TABLE.  So it’s just the Welsh dresser and a guitar.  I suppose you could eat off a guitar at a push.  Couldn’t you?

Please note – the ornamental cat collection is not my doing.  Most of them aren’t even mine.  I suspect they belong to the convict.

To celebrate this triumph, here is a picture of some craft I did a while back.  It is a rabbit.  I am the only person in the world who doesn’t think it’s rubbish.  My own child laughs at it.  Openly.  But believe me, this is like a Michelangelo compared to the thing I made on Sunday.  Even thinking about it brings me out in hives.  So, you know, be grateful.  It could be worse.

b44 If I hear so much as a titter, I’ll bring out the carrots.

This week I have been mainly losing my glasses.


Lynn said...

They make really festive necklaces on which to hang glasses; I have decorative kittens from childhood that I could send to beef up your collection if desired; congrats on the finished project; I quake before your formidable map/guide collection; AND I think the rabbit RULES.

The Coffee Lady said...

That rabbit means business. It looks like its preparing for a triathlon. It has a determined look in its eye.

I personally think all rooms would be much easier to keep clean without furniture.

JuliaB said...

The room looks very artistic, and the rabbit looks surprised..x

readersguide said...

I actually like the rabbit. He does look determined -- Coffee Lady is right. I like that in a rabbit.