Saturday, 3 July 2010

Knickers and pies

That got your attention!

It certainly got mine.

Here are some knickers.  What intrigued me about these items is that their existence came to my attention because I know of someone who actually bought – and therefore wears, yes WEARS – these things.  What madness is this?  To be fair, she’s only got the Anne Boleyn ones, but I don’t really want to dwell on the implications of someone wearing a pair of pants with Henry VIII’s bloated face on them.



In case you’re interested – as I’m sure many of you now are – you can get them here - historical knickers

On a more entertaining note, these knitted pies are the best thing ever.  Just – well, click on the link and look at the sad little faces on those poor wee bunnies….

Pork and Bunny Pie

I so, so wish I’d thought of this!

The link says knitted, but they look like crochet to me.  Good old Guardian, getting it wrong!


silverpebble said...

Love the royal trollies. I'm off to see who else I could get on my knickers. I think I fancy a pair with the Duke of Edinburgh.

Kate Jenkin's crochet strawberry cakes just made my mouth water. Weird.

Lynn said...

Those sequined sardines! And their container!!

I wish they had shown what the royals would look like once bodily protuberances were filling those undies...