Saturday, 24 July 2010

Swishy flowers an’ ting

I did this.  Oh yes, I did this.  FEAR ME AND MY GARDENING SKILLZ!

I did this

Actually, the picture makes it look better than it actually is, but I’m all for removing double chins in head and shoulder portraits so what the hell.

The garden project is a long and protracted affair and shall be blogged boringly anon.  There’s only a few of you here anyway (as mentioned before, the probation officer, the bailiff, the tax collector and a selection of hangers on from the pub) so I can bore for England unhindered.

As of tomorrow I am off to Normandy with MrCat. I gave him a list of places I’d be happy to go on holiday and left him to it.  At one point I was packing my walking shoes and sou’wester for a trip to the Peak District and was quite surprised by the “right, we’re going to Normandy” email I received about an hour later.

Splendid stuff.  And it was with great joy that I was able to inform MrCat that my first year as a history undergraduate was spent studying “The Norman Conquest”.  This was not, as one might expect, fixated on the year 1066.  It was about the whole Norman thing from the time of Rollo right through to 1066 and beyond – the ecclesiastical, administrative and military revolution that the Normans brought about once they’d booted the Saxons into touch (cue lots of booing from the back of the lecture room – that was me, by the way).

Funny really – his face fell when I told him this.  I thought he’d be delighted by the prospect of listening to me rabbit on ad nauseum about the development of the motte and bailey castle.  I can’t imagine why he wasn’t leaping for joy.

Men.  Huh.


Lynn said...

I love Normandy, dammit. Take lots of pictures to display on your blog, and I shall weep bitterly.

The Coffee Lady said...

You mean to say you haven't forgotten everything you learned? That it hasn't disappeared into a couple of fragments of half-remembered misinformations which always end with the suffix 'erm'?

I shall refuse to speak to you again.

silverpebble said...

Right, you never sent me any flower pictures but you don't have to. My skills are already defeated. Lavender - tick. Cosmos - tick. Spiky thing at the back - I have no effing clue (is it alright to say effing in front of the tax collector? He winced a bit).

As for Normandy and Mr Cat - I thought he had a cat pox. Shows what I know. I hope you eat a galette for me. I bloody love those things. Oh, and Orangina.