Sunday, 16 May 2010

Ash Death Doom Plane Plunge AAAAARGH!!!

People who know me will tell you that I have quite a nervous disposition. So imagine how agitated I am this morning. The Catman is in Athens at the moment. He went there for a big, fat Greek wedding and he's due home this evening. However, this has just gone off again;

Belch - "pardon me".

I've just checked the BBC website and airports in the South East are open, but the rest of the country appears to be closed. Am I pleased about this? It does mean that Catman can come home after all. Well no, no I am not. That ash is far too close for comfort. I would rather he stayed in Athens all year until every single particle of ash has been hoovered up by a magic, flying Dyson.

Is Catman of a similar opinion? No. He'll probably be irritated by the delay, not refusing to come out of his hotel room until the sky over Europe has been wiped down with a clean cloth. Because that's what I'd be doing. Oh yes.


The Coffee Lady said...

Tsk. Men never think about the dusting.

Lynn said...

Oh, brother - not AGAIN. That's one overachieving volcano, if you ask me.

(I'll be thinking of you.)

silverpebble said...

Was this yesterday? Oof, I am dusting for you ( and I NEVER dust). Hope he's home safe.