Monday, 10 May 2010

Sundry Discontent

Absence caused by much upheaval.  The unwanted house move has  finally come to pass, amidst many tears from all three of us, because we didn’t really want to go and only left because we had to. 

SmallCat and CatMan seem to have settled in now.  We’ve been here nearly two months, but most mornings when I wake up there’s a split second when I think I’m still in my old house.  Or home, as it was.  This isn’t home yet and may not be for some time.

The move has done strange things to what passes as my brain (I think there might be a cell in there, but I’m not sure).  At some point last month the panic attacks started, which gradually got worse and worse, and were closely followed by – well, even worse than that.  It was like being taken over by mental ivy – it got everywhere and I couldn’t pull it out.  Rather like the stuff which is currently growing in my herb patch and ruining the oregano, (only I’m not a plant and I don’t normally make stews taste nicer, and I’m making light of it now but it wasn’t funny at the time). 

Well.  That took me unawares.  But it is gradually getting back under control, slowly and with assistance, but getting there all the same.  And in the meantime, one good thing did happen, which is that I finally finished the monkeys for Speechless, Mostly.  I expect she’s given up on them, but wonders never cease.

There are three boys, of which two are pictured here…


…and one girl, who is very pretty, and has a bracelet, and is ever so sweet, and is JUST like Lynne I’m sure.  However Ms Monkey, alas, has terrible trouble with her skirt and it keeps falling down.


I think perhaps someone needs to have a quiet word in her ear.


Lynn said...

The skirt thing is because I am so alluringly slender (moreso every day), of course. And you're spot-on regarding the prettiness and the bracelet (the latter comes from wonderful blogging jewelry maker Emma Silverpebble).

(All silliness aside, the monkeys are WONDERFUL.)

So sorry to hear of your hardships. Hoping that things are better and that you'll send me a juicy email very soon. xoxoxo

The Coffee Lady said...

You're back. I did miss you. I think so many of us are struggling with mental ivy, with various levels of invasiveness.

Don't go away again, you hear me?

Love the monkeys.

eurolush said...

I'm always in good company here.

I mean, with Lynn. Let's be honest.

I for one was regularly checking in on you, whether you were here or not. Whether you knew who I was, or not. Whether it was awkward and slightly stalker-like, or not. You think I'd let the fact that we've never met and yet I've somehow grown attached to your blog stop me? Puh-leeze. I'm a professional.

Sorry to hear things have been a little "over-grown" as of late. Hack back some of that ivy and come join the gang.

PS-I actually do like CL a bit when she's behaving.

PPS-She rarely behaves.