Monday, 24 May 2010

Call this a political protest?

It started near the A33 Junction.  A big field.  A massive great Tory hoarding.  “VOTE FOR CHANGE” it said, for days.  Every time we drove past it, I shook my fist.  Until one day, I heard Smallcat giggling in the back.  “CHANGE” had been replaced by “CHIMPS”.

“I’ll vote for chimps!”, he said “I want chimps in charge!”

Two days later the chimps had gone and the farmer had replaced them with a new hoarding before I’d had a chance to take a picture.  Honestly.  Some people can’t take a joke.

It wasn’t to last.  Following day, same handwriting.  The anonymous chimp supporter had upped the stakes.

conpants (I made poor Catman drive along a busy dual carriageway and pull in – probably illegally although he claims not – just to take that picture).

“I’ll vote for pants!”, said Smallcat, who’d clearly vote for anything that amused him. 

The farmer retaliated with ANOTHER hoarding, which he sneakily hid round the corner, away from the main road, near a tree.  It was so cunningly hidden that only the sharpest of Smallcat eyes spotted it.  This led to unreasonable demands on Catman, who had to pull in at a convenient spot where I handed him the camera and said “no, YOU do it.  I’m not doing it.  Go on – you do it.  You’re better with cameras than I am.  I don’t want to be seen!  Ok, I’ll buy you a drink, then”

nap Quite right too

I don’t know.  The quality of political protest isn’t the same as it was when I were a lass.


silverpebble said...

That's the best laugh I've had in a very long time.

Lynn said...

Pranksters abound! And you are my kind of people for moving heaven and earth to take pictures of it all.

The Coffee Lady said...

I've loved the defacement of Cameron posters around here - it's been the only high spot of this thing. Every time he is there in his shirtsleeves he ends up with something offensive written across his middle.

Dragonfly said...

That last photo made me snort out loud in the hairdressers where I'm reading your blog on my phone!!! Hilarious!