Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Though I say so myself

I’m dead chuffed with this.  It made me go “squee!”.  The intended recipient may have to fight me for it, quite frankly.  Or be subjected to a Paddington Hard Stare at the very least.

This is what the character actually looks like in the cartoon.  He’s the little blue chap.


And here is my version.



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silverpebble said...

What is that? A rabbit? An owl?

I can crochet only sad, saggy beard-like tangles so this is quite astonishingly marvellous but er, could you do some classification for me?

Lynn said...

Okay, enough with the squee-ing already. Next thing I know, you're going to start saying "woot."

(And Emma, at least you can crochet a beard. EMBRACE THE BEARD.)

Lynn said...

P.S. He really is awfully cute, though, I have to admit.

Now, when can I get some Star Wars characters?

Elizabeth said...

that is one of the spirits of the forrest. there is the big one-totoro, and 2 small ones^^
this movie is so cute. its called my neighbor totoro. and I fell in love with him...I even had him painted on my thumb-nail^^
I wanted to crochet totoro myself but I couldnt find a good enough pattern...but yours seems to be good. (share it pls^^)

Limecat said...

Elizabeth - I got the pattern from the Lucy Ravenscar site. She also has small white totoro pattern as well. I found it really easy to follow.

I can't post the url into the message box, it seems, but if you google search "Lucy Ravenscar", or scroll down my blog front page where I've posted the link, you'll find her!

The Coffee Lady said...

No, dear Lynn. Squee is for geeks. Who knows what 'woot' is for. I don't, because I am a geek.

Insolvency advice said...

It looks so cute and cuddly. It must be so nice to cuddle that thing in my sleep. Love it!